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The website of the JISAO Center for Science in the Earth System (CSES, which comprises the Climate Impacts Group (CIG) and the Office of the Washington State Climatologist (OWSC)) contains official forecasts, non-official forecasts, other information, and links to such information. While we make every effort to verify this information, understand that we do not warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of these materials in any way. The non-official forecasts provided here are experimental and are provided to familiarize researchers and potential users with the methods and performance of the techniques used. Use of these forecasts for any purpose other than academic research is therefore entirely at the discretion of the user.

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Use of Data and Products

The information on government servers that the CSES forecasting materials are derived from, as well as the additional information and interpretations added by the CSES staff, are in the public domain, unless specifically annotated otherwise, and may be used freely by the public. Before using information obtained from this server special attention should be given to the date and time of the data and products being displayed. This information shall not be modified in content and then presented as official government material. We strongly recommend that CSES data be acquired directly from a CSES server and not through other sources that may change the data in some way.


CSES requests that appropriate attribution be given whenever material provided on the CSES website is reproduced and/or re-disseminated.


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